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Meet Dr. Deephaven

· 2 min read
Dr. Deephaven
I'm here to help navigate the many applications of Deephaven Core. We'll explore them together.

Hi, I'm Dr. Deephaven. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and talk about what you can expect to learn from me. For starters, I will lead you through deep dives into the potential use cases of what you can do with Deephaven Core. My posts will explore real-world applications of the Deephaven query engine that are turning heads.

We'll also investigate the wild blue yonder that lies beyond the Deephaven Core application, where developers, data scientists, quants and other analysts really test the limits of this code, extending it beyond its GitHub repo, and tailoring it to tackle some of the world's most complex and imperative data problems.

The possibilities are endless. Let's explore them together.

Dr. Deephaven

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Let's explore some current applications of this powerful query engine

Deephaven Community Core is a fairly new application, but the devops team and I have already uncovered several use cases for Deephaven...

Real-time fraud detection

Perform real-time outlier detection to identify fraudulent credit card purchases using DBSCAN and Deephaven Core.

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Deephaven Core can be applied to pull live and historical cryptocurrency data into its query engine. We can now track a plethora of cryptocurrencies by leveraging the CoinGecko API's comprehensive list. And leveraging Deephaven Core's keen ability to join batch data with live crypto streams grants the ability of its user to make joins, filters, summaries, and plots.

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Kafka streams

You can leverage Redpanda to stream Docker stats in Deephaven. Utilize a simple application of Deephaven Core to maximize efficiency on your live feed of all Docker containers for real-time Kafka streams.

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Predictive analytics

Will it be a ‘Bones Day’ or not? That is the question (on TikTok). Leverage this 'Bones/No Bones Day' predictor, built upon Deephaven Core, to determine your fortune, well ahead of Jonathan's pug Noodle.

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