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Job Posting

Customer-Facing Software Engineer

At Deephaven Data Labs, we offer solutions to real-time data analytics problems using our next-generation data analytics platform. The platform is available both through our Enterprise as well as our Community product. We have offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and New York City, New York, but most of our employees work remotely.


Interested parties should submit their materials to [email protected] with the subject "Customer-Facing Software Engineer"

At Deephaven, we recognize that a dozen ordinary artists could never produce a Mozart masterpiece. Similarly, a dozen average developers could never measure up to one brilliant software developer. We believe that a small team of elite developers is far better than an army of average developers. We only hire the best, and we reward accordingly.

This position is best for an intellectually curious person -- like MacGyver -- who would like to tackle a wide breadth and mix of technical problems, rather than being pigeonholed into a single area. Deephaven is a meritocracy, not a bureaucracy. Our priority is for you to focus on what you love and do best: using technical curiosity and skill to solve a wide variety of problems.


  • Help clients use our technology to implement their trading strategies and quantitative analytics.
  • Teach clients how to use our technology.
  • Support clients using our technology.
  • Support new client demonstrations and other sales activities.
  • Debug and troubleshoot client applications and installations.
  • Performance tune client applications and installations.
  • Suggest new features.
  • Help produce technical documentation and sales materials.

Desired Skills

  • Self-driven, self-organized, proactive, highly motivated, personable, and intelligent.
  • Well-developed sense of urgency.
  • Deep curiosity and desire to learn new things.
  • Interest in learning about and understanding complex software systems.
  • Enjoy helping users.
  • Obsession with producing quality results.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent debugging skills.
  • Programming experience (e.g., Java, C++, Python).
  • Excellent math skills.
  • Understanding of algorithmic complexity.
  • Experience with statistical software (e.g. R, Matlab, Mathematica, Python, etc.)
  • Experience with a CLI.
  • Some experience with database software.
  • Basic understanding of threaded and distributed computing.
  • Financial experience is not required.

Compensation & Benefits

At Deephaven, we want happy and fulfilled employees.

  • Our compensation is designed to attract the best.
  • We offer a generous vacation policy.
  • We encourage you to work when you are most productive.

Hiring Process

  1. Submit resume to [email protected]
  2. Online coding challenge.
  3. One or more interviews with our crew.