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Version: Java (Groovy)

How to upload and download table data

Upload table from file

Tables from files can be imported in the UI by selecting Upload Table from file from the console's More Actions menu:


In this simple example, we'll upload the Deniro.csv available in Deephaven's examples repository. If you've downloaded Deephaven with examples, this can be found in your data/examples/Deniro/csv directory.

A table name will be generated for you, but you can enter your own. You can also choose an alternative file format.

This feature supports the following file extensions:

  • csv
  • tsv (tab separated)
  • tab (also tab separate)
  • zip (containing one of the above)

At this time, we do not support:

  • LocalDate
  • LocalTime
  • DateTime

Download CSV

You can download all or some of the rows in a Deephaven table into a CSV file to save on your local computer. Select Download CSV from the Table Options menu at the right of a table's header to see the following options:


  • All Rows - Downloads the entire table. The number of rows appears in parentheses.
  • Only Selected Rows - Downloads only highlighted rows. The number of selected rows appears in parentheses.
  • First/Last - Downloads rows from the start or end of the table. Select First or Last from the drop-down menu and specify an amount of rows.

A file name is automatically generated, but you can rename the file in the File Name field. After you click Download, the CSV file will save into the default location on your local computer.