Class TimestampBuffer


public class TimestampBuffer extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • TimestampBuffer

      public TimestampBuffer(TimeZone tz)
    • TimestampBuffer

      @Deprecated public TimestampBuffer(long localNow, TimeZone tz)
  • Method Details

    • getTimestamp

      public ByteBuffer getTimestamp(long nowMillis)
      Return a thread-local byte buffer containing the give time, formatted in ISO 8601. The buffer's position is set to zero in preparation for writing its contents to another buffer or a channel. Since the buffer is thread-local, the caller can safely assume that it won't change until the same thread accesses this TimestampBuffer again.
    • getTimestamp

      public void getTimestamp(long nowMillis, ByteBuffer dest)
      Format the current time into a ByteBuffer in according to ISO 8601.
      BufferOverflowException - if there is not enough room in the destination buffer.