Class NaturalJoinModifiedSlotTracker


public class NaturalJoinModifiedSlotTracker extends Object
A tracker for modified join hash table slots. After adding an entry, you get back a cookie, which must be passed in on future modification operations for that slot. To process the entries after modifications are complete, call forAllModifiedSlots(ModifiedSlotConsumer).
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  • Constructor Details

    • NaturalJoinModifiedSlotTracker

      public NaturalJoinModifiedSlotTracker()
  • Method Details

    • addMain

      public long addMain(long cookie, int slot, long originalRightValue, byte flags)
      Add a slot in the main table.
      slot - the slot to add.
      originalRightValue - if we are the addition of the slot, what the right value was before our modification (otherwise ignored)
      flags - the flags to or into our state
      the cookie for future access
    • moveTableLocation

      public void moveTableLocation(long cookie, int oldTableLocation, int newTableLocation)
      Move a main table location.
      oldTableLocation - the old hash slot
      newTableLocation - the new hash slot