Class ShortEMAOperator

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public class ShortEMAOperator
extends BasePrimitiveEMAOperator
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    • ShortEMAOperator

      public ShortEMAOperator​(@NotNull MatchPair pair, @NotNull String[] affectingColumns, @NotNull OperationControl control, @Nullable LongRecordingUpdateByOperator timeRecorder, long timeScaleUnits, @NotNull ColumnSource<Short> valueSource, @Nullable RowRedirection rowRedirection)
      An operator that computes an EMA from a short column using an exponential decay function.
      pair - the MatchPair that defines the input/output for this operation
      affectingColumns - the names of the columns that affect this ema
      control - defines how to handle null input values.
      timeRecorder - an optional recorder for a timestamp column. If this is null, it will be assumed time is measured in integer ticks.
      timeScaleUnits - the smoothing window for the EMA. If no timeRecorder is provided, this is measured in ticks, otherwise it is measured in nanoseconds
      valueSource - the input column source. Used when determining reset positions for reprocessing