Class JvmIntrospectionContext


public class JvmIntrospectionContext
extends Object
Utility class to facilitate obtaining data for safepoint pauses count and time between two points in code. A safepoint pause is a "stop the world, pause all threads" event in the HotSpot JVM. Note full Garbage Collection pauses are a dominant cause of safepoint pauses, but there are other triggers like:
  • Deoptimization
  • Biased lock revocation
  • Thread dump
  • Heap inspection< /li>
  • Class redefinition
  • And others; you can see a full list here .
    • Constructor Details

      • JvmIntrospectionContext

        public JvmIntrospectionContext()
    • Method Details

      • hasSafePointData

        public boolean hasSafePointData()
      • startSample

        public void startSample()
      • endSample

        public void endSample()
        Sample garbage collection count and times at the point of call.
      • deltaSafePointPausesCount

        public long deltaSafePointPausesCount()
        Number of safepoint pauses between the last two calls to sample()
        Number of safepoint pauses.
      • deltaSafePointPausesTimeMillis

        public long deltaSafePointPausesTimeMillis()
        Time in milliseconds fully paused in safepoints between the last two calls to sample()
        Time in milliseconds.
      • deltaSafePointSyncTimeMillis

        public long deltaSafePointSyncTimeMillis()
        Time in milliseconds getting to a full safepoint stop (safepoint sync time) between the last two calls to sample()
        Time in milliseconds