Class ScopedNode

All Implemented Interfaces:
HasScope, Node
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractChunkerInvokable, ChunkerAssign, ChunkerBinaryExpression, ChunkerClosure, ChunkerIdent

public class ScopedNode
extends SimpleNode
implements HasScope
An ast node which can have scope nodes. item.mthd()[array.access].field = blah() item, mthd(), [], .field, etc are all scoped nodes, as they have preceding tokens which qualify their type. Anything that can come after a . is a ScopedNode. Anything that can come before is an IsScope.
  • Constructor Details

    • ScopedNode

      public ScopedNode​(int i)
    • ScopedNode

      public ScopedNode​(Chunker p, int i)
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