Class SessionServiceGrpc


@Generated(value="by gRPC proto compiler (version 1.50.2)", comments="Source: deephaven/proto/session.proto") public final class SessionServiceGrpc extends Object
 User supplied Flight.Ticket(s) should begin with 'e' byte followed by an signed little-endian int. The client is only
 allowed to use the positive exportId key-space (client generated exportIds should be greater than 0). The client is
 encouraged to use a packed ranges of ids as this yields the smallest footprint server side for long running sessions.
 The client is responsible for releasing all Flight.Tickets that they create or that were created for them via a gRPC
 call. The documentation for the gRPC call will indicate that the exports must be released. Exports that need to be
 released will always be communicated over the session's ExportNotification stream.
 When a session ends, either explicitly or due to timeout, all exported objects in that session are released
 Some parts of the API return a Flight.Ticket that does not need to be released. It is not an error to attempt to
 release them.