Class StorageServiceGrpc.StorageServiceImplBase

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public abstract static class StorageServiceGrpc.StorageServiceImplBase extends Object implements io.grpc.BindableService
 Shared storage management service.
 Operations may fail (or omit data) if the current session does not have permission to read or write that resource.
 Paths will be "/" delimited and must start with a leading slash.
  • Constructor Details

    • StorageServiceImplBase

      public StorageServiceImplBase()
  • Method Details

    • listItems

      public void listItems(ListItemsRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<ListItemsResponse> responseObserver)
       Lists the files and directories present in a given directory. Will return an error
    • fetchFile

      public void fetchFile(FetchFileRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<FetchFileResponse> responseObserver)
       Reads the file at the given path. Client can optionally specify an etag, asking the server
       not to send the file if it hasn't changed.
    • saveFile

      public void saveFile(SaveFileRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<SaveFileResponse> responseObserver)
       Can create new files or modify existing with client provided contents.
    • moveItem

      public void moveItem(MoveItemRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<MoveItemResponse> responseObserver)
       Moves a file from one path to another.
    • createDirectory

      public void createDirectory(CreateDirectoryRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<CreateDirectoryResponse> responseObserver)
       Creates a directory at the given path.
    • deleteItem

      public void deleteItem(DeleteItemRequest request, io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<DeleteItemResponse> responseObserver)
       Deletes the file or directory at the given path. Directories must be empty to be deleted.
    • bindService

      public final io.grpc.ServerServiceDefinition bindService()
      Specified by:
      bindService in interface io.grpc.BindableService