Package io.grpc.servlet.jakarta.web

package io.grpc.servlet.jakarta.web
  • Classes
    Util class to allow the complete() call to get some work done (writing trailers as a payload) before calling the actual container implementation.
    Servlet filter that translates grpc-web on the fly to match what is expected by GrpcServlet.
    Wraps the usual ServletOutputStream so as to allow downstream writers to use it according to the servlet spec, but still make it easy to write trailers as a payload instead of using HTTP trailers at the end of a stream.
    Wraps an incoming gRPC-web request so that a downstream filter/servlet can read it instead as a gRPC payload.
    Wraps the outgoing gRPC-web response in a way that lets the gRPC servlet/filter write normal gRPC payloads to it, and let them be translated to gRPC-web.