Deephaven Data Labs is a leading-edge data software provider. The primary product is an end-to-end data platform used primarily by customers involved directly with the capital markets – hedge funds, securities trading operations, and banks with direct market access. Deephaven’s product is a Java application that runs on a variety of systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS clients; and Linux servers, cloud systems, and containers). Users interact with the product using Groovy, Python, Java, C++, R, C#, and SQL.

Deephaven is searching for a Junior DevOps Engineer in either our Colorado Springs, Colorado, or our New York City, New York, offices.

We are a small crew with big goals, and we are in the process of growing our core team.

DevOps Team responsibilities:

  • Deephaven build / QA environment
    • Automated build/deploys (Jenkins, Gradle, Git)
    • Packaging and deployment mechanisms (Yum, Apt, Dpkg, rpm, deb)
    • Release management
  • Production environment management
    • Monitoring cloud systems (Google, Amazon Cloudwatch, Stackdriver)
    • Authentication/authorization (IAM, LDAP, Active Directory)
    • System Security (Encryption/TLS, Authentication/Access control, oAuth, etc.)
  • IT support for development environment
    • Support developers as required
    • Developers Support Tools (aha/artifactory/gitlab/reviewboard)
    • Determine and implement changes to development environment as needs evolve
    • Company back office support (Gmail/Web Hosting/SSL/Desktop Support)
  • Software deployment
    • Modern deployment technologies (Kubernetes, Docker)
    • Cloud environments (AWS, GCE)
    • Suggesting hardware environments for clients

Deephaven is a meritocracy, not a bureaucracy.  Our priority is for you to focus on what you love and do best:  technology infrastructure.

Desired Skills:

  • Self-driven, self-organized, proactive, highly motivated, personable, and intelligent.
  • Can can comfortably work alone on assigned tasks setting up Linux/Windows Servers, VMs, networking, storage, and other sys admin tasks
  • Two+ years of practical experience in Linux system administration and DevOps
  • The ability to produce produce detailed written technical documentation and diagrams (Wiki/Google docs, etc.) for any tasks and work items assigned. (system administration procedures, system maintenance)
  • Very strong Linux systems, virtualization, and network skills
  • Strong Git and build automation ci/cd tools
  • Good coding and scripting skills (Java/Python/Groovy/Bash) for building automation solutions
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Configuration automation skills (Salt, Ansible)
  • AWS, Google cloud provider environments (Kubernetes, Docker)
    • Concepts and capabilities of cloud platforms
    • Management and automation tools
    • Security considerations
  • Windows and Mac desktop management skills
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Interest in learning about and understanding complex software systems.

The person in this role will be expected to adapt quickly and learn new toolsets in a startup-like environment;  we are more concerned with mental flexibility and temperament than specific skill sets.

Compensation & Benefits:

At Deephaven, we want happy and fulfilled employees.

  • Our compensation is designed to attract the best.
  • We offer a generous vacation policy.
  • We encourage you to work when you are most productive.