One Solution: Deephaven

Fast. Easy. Integrated.


The Deephaven Advantage

Comprehensive Data Backbone
Serious capital market players have a lot of data: market ticks, position states, OMS records, customer messages, back-office files, reference data and machine metrics. Deephaven services it all. A data pipeline that provides all knowledge workers with actionable, relevant information immediately. Easily configurable access control enables fine-tuned sharing and data protection.
Universal Access and Ease of Use
Access thousands of tables, each with billions of records, independent of technical capabilities. Simple operations for getting, filtering, sorting, joining, aggregating, and manipulating data. From on-boarding new sources, configuring validation jobs, writing queries, integrating your legacy custom models and code, spinning up new visualizations and widgets, Deephaven is designed to be easy.
Development Platform for Devs and Quants
Use Deephaven to build large-scale simulations, farm algos, process signals, optimize parameters, and employ machine learning. The organics of the platform allow both modular construction using parts from Python, Java, and R, as well as easy migration from development to production.
Application Server
Data is about action, which means automation. All Deephaven customers use the platform’s battle-tested APIs to serve source and derivative data real-time to dependent apps across the organization. Algos built in Deephaven can communicate with OMS infrastructure, minimizing the path from research to alpha.
Ultra High-Performance DB
Finance is all about timestamps. Anyone who has tried using SQL to do market surveillance or develop an algo simulation knows it is the wrong weapon for the fight. Alpha deteriorates. Customers become impatient. Deephaven empowers traders and quants to develop, test, and adjust their own strategies in near-real time. Blazing fast research cycles occur in days instead of months. Quick iteration and evolution is a competitive edge.
Broad Framework
Customers use Deephaven to develop and deliver high-feature order management systems, vol-surface fitters, real-time surveillance systems, risk control scenario analyses, greybox trading platforms, stat arb strategies, slippage and execution quality analytics. The platform serves a range of applications and industries.
Missed opportunities are expensive. Bad data is expensive. Slow turnarounds are expensive. Bloated development and DBA teams are expensive. Deephaven customers increase revenues and upgrade productivity. The opposite of expensive.