Interface ApplicationConfig

All Known Implementing Classes:
DynamicApplication, QSTApplication, ScriptApplication, StaticClassApplication

public interface ApplicationConfig
  • Method Details

    • isCustomApplicationModeEnabled

      static boolean isCustomApplicationModeEnabled()
      Returns true if the configuration property "deephaven.application.dir" is set, or if the "app.d" exists in the configuration directory.
      true if custom application mode is enabled
    • customApplicationDir

      static Path customApplicationDir()
      The custom application directory. Returns the configuration property "deephaven.application.dir" if it set, otherwise it returns the "app.d" from the configuration directory if it exists, otherwise it throws an IllegalStateException.
      the application dir
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    • find

      Parses the list of application configs found by searching the directory specified by the system property Application.dir. A path is considered an application file when the name ends in .app, the file is readable, and the file is regular and not a link. The resulting configs will be sorted lexicographically based on file name. Application mode must be enabled.
      the list of application configs
      IOException - on I/O exception
      ClassNotFoundException - on class not found
    • isEnabled

      boolean isEnabled()
      whether this particular application is enabled
    • walk

      <V extends ApplicationConfig.Visitor> V walk(V visitor)