Interface RspArray.SpanCursorForward

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RspArray<T extends RspArray>

public static interface RspArray.SpanCursorForward
extends RspArray.SpanCursor
  • Method Details

    • prev

      void prev()
      Move the current position one step backwards.
    • search

      void search​(RowSetUtils.Comparator comp)
      Advances the pointer forward to the last span in the sequence whose interval range has a value v such that comp.directionToTargetFrom(v) >= 0. This operation is O(log(cardinality)). This operation never invalidates a valid cursor, it may only move it forward from its current position but never exhaust it. Note also search should only be called on a non-empty cursor, after having called hasNext() and next() at least once.
      comp - a Comparator used to search forward from the current span position.
    • copy

      Saner copy.