Class UpdateSourceQueryTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
TableOperations<Table,Table>, TableOperationsDefaults<Table,Table>, LogOutputAppendable, LivenessManager, LivenessNode, LivenessReferent, AttributeMap<Table>, GridAttributes<Table>, NotificationStepReceiver, NotificationStepSource, TableDefaults, Table, DynamicNode, NotificationQueue.Dependency, SystemicObject<Table>, LongSizedDataStructure, Serializable, Runnable

public class UpdateSourceQueryTable extends QueryTable implements Runnable
A QueryTable that acts as an update source within the PeriodicUpdateGraph, with RowSet changes queued externally by a single producer.
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    • run

      public void run()
      Specified by:
      run in interface Runnable
    • addRowKey

      public void addRowKey(long rowKey)
    • addRowKeyRange

      public void addRowKeyRange(long firstRowKey, long lastRowKey)
    • destroy

      public void destroy()
      Description copied from class: ReferenceCountedLivenessReferent
      Attempt to release (destructively when necessary) resources held by this object. This may render the object unusable for subsequent operations. Implementations should be sure to call super.destroy().

      This is intended to only ever be used as a side effect of decreasing the reference count to 0.

      destroy in class BaseTable<QueryTable>