Class SimpleStringDecoder<STRING_LIKE_TYPE extends CharSequence>

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public class SimpleStringDecoder<STRING_LIKE_TYPE extends CharSequence>
extends Object
implements ObjectDecoder<STRING_LIKE_TYPE>
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    • expectedObjectWidth

      public final int expectedObjectWidth()
      Description copied from interface: ObjectDecoder
      What width byte array does this ObjectCodec expect to encode and decode?
      Specified by:
      expectedObjectWidth in interface ObjectDecoder<STRING_LIKE_TYPE extends CharSequence>
      VARIABLE_WIDTH_SENTINEL if the codec must encode and decode variable width columns, otherwise the fixed size of byte array that must be decoded and encoded.
    • decode

      public final STRING_LIKE_TYPE decode​(@NotNull byte[] data, int offset, int length)
      Description copied from interface: ObjectDecoder
      Decode an object from an array of bytes.
      Specified by:
      decode in interface ObjectDecoder<STRING_LIKE_TYPE extends CharSequence>
      data - The input byte array containing bytes to decode
      offset - The offset into the byte array to start decoding from
      length - The length of the byte array to decode from, starting at the offset
      The output object, possibly null