Class BaseObjectBinaryOperator<T>

Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class BaseObjectBinaryOperator<T> extends BaseObjectUpdateByOperator<T>
  • Constructor Details

    • BaseObjectBinaryOperator

      public BaseObjectBinaryOperator(@NotNull @NotNull MatchPair pair, @NotNull @NotNull String[] affectingColumns, @NotNull @NotNull Class<T> type)
  • Method Details

    • doOperation

      protected abstract T doOperation(T bucketCurVal, T chunkCurVal)
    • makeUpdateContext

      @NotNull public UpdateByOperator.Context makeUpdateContext(int affectedChunkSize, int influencerChunkSize)
      Description copied from class: UpdateByOperator
      Make an UpdateByOperator.Context suitable for use with updates.
      Specified by:
      makeUpdateContext in class UpdateByOperator
      affectedChunkSize - The maximum size of affected chunks that will be provided during the update.
      influencerChunkSize - The maximum size of influencer chunks that will be provided during the update.
      a new context