Class DeephavenCompressorAdapterFactory


public class DeephavenCompressorAdapterFactory extends Object
Deephaven flavor of the Hadoop/Parquet CompressionCodec factory, offering support for picking codecs from configuration or from the classpath (via service loaders), while still offering the ability to get a CompressionCodecName enum value having loaded the codec in this way.
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static DeephavenCompressorAdapterFactory getInstance()
    • getByName

      public CompressorAdapter getByName(String codecName)
      Returns a compressor with the given codec name. The returned adapter can internally stateful in some cases and therefore a single instance should not be re-used across files (check LZ4WithLZ4RawBackupCompressorAdapter for more details).
      codecName - the name of the codec to search for.
      a compressor instance with a name matching the given codec.