Interface PropertySet

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BaseboardOshi, ComputerSystemOshi, FirmwareOshi, MemoryMxBeanInfo, MemoryPoolsMxBeanInfo, MemoryUsageInfo, NetworkOshi, OperatingSystemOshi, OperatingSystemVersionOshi, ProcessInfo, PropertySet.PropertiesImpl, PropertySet.StringListImpl, PropertySet.StringMapImpl, RuntimeMxBeanInfo, StringListWrapper, StringMapWrapper, SystemCpuOshi, SystemInfoOshi, SystemMemoryOshi, ThreadMxBeanInfo

public interface PropertySet
A property set represents a set of property keys and values. The key is a String type, and the value can be of type int, long, boolean, or String. (Note: we may use a stronger type in the future for a key, and may expand the types that a value can be.)

A property set interface present read-only access to the keys and values via traverse(PropertyVisitor).

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