Class RemoteUri

All Implemented Interfaces:
DeephavenUri, StructuredUri

public abstract class RemoteUri
extends DeephavenUriBase
A remote Deephaven URI represents a structured link for resolving remote Deephaven resources. Is composed of a target and remote uri.

For example, dh://host/scope/my_table.

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parsing logic
  • Constructor Details

    • RemoteUri

      public RemoteUri()
  • Method Details

    • of

      public static RemoteUri of​(DeephavenTarget target, StructuredUri uri)
    • isValidScheme

      public static boolean isValidScheme​(String scheme)
    • isWellFormed

      public static boolean isWellFormed​(URI uri)
    • of

      public static RemoteUri of​(URI uri)
      Parses the uri into a remote URI.

      For Deephaven scheme formats, the format looks the same as the local versions, except with a host specified. For example, dh://host/scope/my_table.

      The proxy format is of the form dh://host?uri=${innerUri}; where innerUri is the URI to be proxied. When innerUri is a Deephaven scheme, is does not need to be URL encoded; for example, dh://gateway?uri=dh://host/scope/my_table. Inner URIs that aren't a Deephaven scheme need to be URL encoded; for example, dh://gateway?uri=parquet%3A%2F%2F%2Fdata%2Ftest.parquet.

      uri - the URI
      the remote URI
    • target

      @Parameter public abstract DeephavenTarget target()
      The Deephaven target.
      the target
    • uri

      @Parameter public abstract StructuredUri uri()
      The inner URI. As opposed to DeephavenUriBase.toURI(), which represents this as a URI.
      the inner URI
    • walk

      public final <V extends StructuredUri.Visitor> V walk​(V visitor)
    • toString

      public final String toString()
      Description copied from interface: StructuredUri
      The URI string.
      Specified by:
      toString in interface StructuredUri
      Specified by:
      toString in class DeephavenUriBase
      the URI string