Top-level class: Client

The main entry point to the Deephaven Client API. Use connect to connect to a Deephaven instance, then call getManager to get a TableHandleManager

class deephaven::client::highlevel::Client

The main class for interacting with Deephaven. Start here to connect with the server and to get a TableHandleManager.

Public Functions

Client(Client &&other) noexcept

Move constructor

Client &operator=(Client &&other) noexcept

Move assigment operator.



TableHandleManager getManager() const

Gets a TableHandleManager which you can use to create empty tables, fetch tables, and so on. You can create more than one TableHandleManager.


The TableHandleManager.

Public Static Functions

static Client connect(const std::string &target)

Factory method to connect to a Deephaven server


target – A connection string in the format host:port. For example “localhost:10000”.


A Client object conneted to the Deephaven server.