Interface Page.WithDefaultsForRepeatingValues<ATTR extends Any>

All Superinterfaces:
ChunkSource<ATTR>, DefaultChunkSource<ATTR>, FillContextMaker, GetContextMaker, Page<ATTR>, PagingChunkSource<ATTR>
All Known Implementing Classes:
ColumnRegion.Null, ColumnRegionByte.Constant, ColumnRegionByte.Null, ColumnRegionChar.Constant, ColumnRegionChar.Null, ColumnRegionDouble.Constant, ColumnRegionDouble.Null, ColumnRegionFloat.Constant, ColumnRegionFloat.Null, ColumnRegionInt.Constant, ColumnRegionInt.Null, ColumnRegionLong.Constant, ColumnRegionLong.Null, ColumnRegionObject.Constant, ColumnRegionObject.Null, ColumnRegionReferencing.Null, ColumnRegionShort.Constant, ColumnRegionShort.Null
Enclosing interface:
Page<ATTR extends Any>

public static interface Page.WithDefaultsForRepeatingValues<ATTR extends Any> extends Page<ATTR>, DefaultChunkSource<ATTR>
Helper defaults for pages that represent a repeating value, e.g. null or partitioning column regions.
  • Method Details

    • fillChunkAppend

      @FinalDefault default void fillChunkAppend(@NotNull @NotNull ChunkSource.FillContext context, @NotNull @NotNull WritableChunk<? super ATTR> destination, @NotNull RowSequence.Iterator rowSequenceIterator)
      Description copied from interface: PagingChunkSource

      Similar to ChunkSource.fillChunk(FillContext, WritableChunk, RowSequence), except that the values are appended to destination, rather than placed at the beginning.

      The values to fill into destination are specified by rowSequenceIterator, whose RowSequence.firstRowKey() must exist, and must be represented by this PagingChunkSource (modulo PagingChunkSource.mask()), otherwise results are undefined.

      All values specified by rowSequenceIterator that are on the same page as its next row key will be appended to destination. Row keys are on the same page when the bits outside of PagingChunkSource.mask() are identical.

      Specified by:
      fillChunkAppend in interface PagingChunkSource<ATTR extends Any>
      context - A context containing all mutable/state related data used in filling destination
      destination - The WritableChunk to append the results to
      rowSequenceIterator - An iterator over the remaining row keys specifying the values to retrieve, which contains at least the keys to extract from this PagingChunkSource
    • fillChunk

      @FinalDefault default void fillChunk(@NotNull @NotNull ChunkSource.FillContext context, @NotNull @NotNull WritableChunk<? super ATTR> destination, @NotNull @NotNull RowSequence rowSequence)
      Description copied from interface: ChunkSource
      Populates the given destination chunk with data corresponding to the keys from the given RowSequence.
      Specified by:
      fillChunk in interface ChunkSource<ATTR extends Any>
      context - A context containing all mutable/state related data used in retrieving the Chunk.
      destination - The chunk to be populated according to rowSequence. No assumptions shall be made about the size of the chunk shall be made. The chunk will be populated from position [0,rowSequence.size()).
      rowSequence - An RowSequence representing the keys to be fetched
    • fillChunkAppend

      void fillChunkAppend(@NotNull @NotNull ChunkSource.FillContext context, @NotNull @NotNull WritableChunk<? super ATTR> destination, int length)
      Appends the values repeating value length times to destination.