Class ColumnRegionByte.Null<ATTR extends Any>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Page<ATTR>, Page.WithDefaultsForRepeatingValues<ATTR>, PagingChunkSource<ATTR>, ChunkSource<ATTR>, FillContextMaker, GetContextMaker, DefaultChunkSource<ATTR>, ColumnRegion<ATTR>, ColumnRegionByte<ATTR>, Releasable
Enclosing interface:
ColumnRegionByte<ATTR extends Any>

public static final class ColumnRegionByte.Null<ATTR extends Any> extends ColumnRegion.Null<ATTR> implements ColumnRegionByte<ATTR>
  • Method Details

    • getByte

      public byte getByte(long elementIndex)
      Description copied from interface: ColumnRegionByte
      Get a single byte from this region.
      Specified by:
      getByte in interface ColumnRegionByte<ATTR extends Any>
      elementIndex - Element row key in the table's address space
      The byte value at the specified element row key
    • getBytes

      public byte[] getBytes(long firstElementIndex, @NotNull @org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull byte[] destination, int destinationOffset, int length)
      Description copied from interface: ColumnRegionByte
      Get a range of bytes from this region. Implementations are not required to verify that the range specified is meaningful.
      Specified by:
      getBytes in interface ColumnRegionByte<ATTR extends Any>
      firstElementIndex - First element row keyt in the table's address space
      destination - Array to store results
      destinationOffset - Offset into destination to begin storing at
      length - Number of bytes to get
      destination, to enable method chaining