Class SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE extends SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE>>

All Implemented Interfaces:
TableOperations<Table,Table>, TableOperationsDefaults<Table,Table>, LogOutputAppendable, LivenessManager, LivenessNode, LivenessReferent, AttributeMap<Table>, GridAttributes<Table>, NotificationStepReceiver, NotificationStepSource, TableDefaults, Table, DynamicNode, NotificationQueue.Dependency, SystemicObject<Table>, LongSizedDataStructure, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
PartitionAwareSourceTable, SimpleSourceTable

public abstract class SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE extends SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE>> extends RedefinableTable<IMPL_TYPE>
Basic uncoalesced table that only adds keys.
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  • Method Details

    • initialize

      protected final void initialize()
      Force this table to determine its initial state (available locations, size, RowSet) if it hasn't already done so.
    • tableLocationProvider

      @TestUseOnly public final TableLocationProvider tableLocationProvider()
    • refresh

      @TestUseOnly public final void refresh()
      This is only for unit tests, at this time.
    • filterLocationKeys

      protected Collection<ImmutableTableLocationKey> filterLocationKeys(@NotNull @NotNull Collection<ImmutableTableLocationKey> foundLocationKeys)
      Hook to allow found location keys to be filtered (e.g. according to a where-clause on the partitioning columns of a PartitionAwareSourceTable. The default implementation returns its input unmolested.
      foundLocationKeys - A collection of ImmutableTableLocationKeys fetched from the TableLocationProvider, but not yet incorporated into the table
      A sub-collection of the input
    • doCoalesce

      protected final QueryTable doCoalesce()
      Description copied from class: UncoalescedTable
      Produce the actual coalesced result table, suitable for caching.

      Note that if this table must have listeners registered, etc, setting these up is the implementation's responsibility.

      Also note that the implementation should copy attributes, as in copyAttributes(resultTable, CopyAttributeOperation.Coalesce).

      Specified by:
      doCoalesce in class UncoalescedTable<IMPL_TYPE extends SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE>>
      The coalesced result table, suitable for caching
    • destroy

      protected void destroy()
      Description copied from class: ReferenceCountedLivenessReferent
      Attempt to release (destructively when necessary) resources held by this object. This may render the object unusable for subsequent operations. Implementations should be sure to call super.destroy().

      This is intended to only ever be used as a side effect of decreasing the reference count to 0.

      destroy in class BaseTable<IMPL_TYPE extends SourceTable<IMPL_TYPE>>