Class AlternatingColumnSource<DATA_TYPE>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChunkSource<Values>, ChunkSource.WithPrev<Values>, ColumnSource<DATA_TYPE>, ElementSource<DATA_TYPE>, FillContextMaker, GetContextMaker, DefaultChunkSource<Values>, DefaultChunkSource.WithPrev<Values>, FillUnordered, Releasable, TupleExporter<DATA_TYPE>, TupleSource<DATA_TYPE>

public class AlternatingColumnSource<DATA_TYPE>
extends AbstractColumnSource<DATA_TYPE>
implements ColumnSource<DATA_TYPE>, FillUnordered
ColumnSource implementation that delegates to the main and alternate sources for our incremental open addressed hash table key columns that swap back and forth between a "main" and "alternate" source. Note that the main and alternate swap back and forth, from the perspective of this column source the main source is addressed by zero; and the alternate source is addressed starting at ALTERNATE_SWITCH_MASK. Neither source may have addresses greater than ALTERNATE_INNER_MASK.