Interface DupExpandKernel

All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanDupExpandKernel, ByteDupExpandKernel, CharDupExpandKernel, DoubleDupExpandKernel, FloatDupExpandKernel, IntDupExpandKernel, LongDupExpandKernel, ObjectDupExpandKernel, ShortDupExpandKernel

public interface DupExpandKernel
  • Method Details

    • makeDupExpand

      static DupExpandKernel makeDupExpand(ChunkType chunkType)
    • expandDuplicates

      void expandDuplicates(int expandedSize, WritableChunk<? extends Any> chunkToExpand, IntChunk<ChunkLengths> keyRunLengths)
      Expands entries values from chunkToExpand in-place, using keyRunLengths to determine how many copies. The keyRunLengths chunk is parallel to the original chunkToExpand; it is never modified.
      expandedSize - the sum of all entries in keyRunLengths
      chunkToExpand - the values to expand in-place (this writable chunk must have capacity >= expandedSize)
      keyRunLengths - the key run-lengths parallel to chunkToExpand