Class ImmutableLongArraySource

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChunkSink<Values>, ChunkSource<Values>, ChunkSource.WithPrev<Values>, ColumnSource<Long>, ElementSource<Long>, FillContextMaker, GetContextMaker, ColumnSourceGetDefaults.ForLong, ColumnSourceGetDefaults.LongBacked<Long>, DefaultChunkSource<Values>, DefaultChunkSource.WithPrev<Values>, ImmutableColumnSource<Long>, ImmutableColumnSourceGetDefaults.ForLong, ChunkedBackingStoreExposedWritableSource, ConvertibleTimeSource, DeferredGroupingColumnSource<Long>, FillUnordered<Values>, InMemoryColumnSource, Releasable, TupleExporter<Long>, TupleSource<Long>, WritableColumnSource<Long>, WritableSourceWithPrepareForParallelPopulation

Simple flat array source that supports fillFromChunk for initial creation. No previous value tracking is permitted, so this column source is only useful as a flat static source. A single array backs the result, so getChunk calls with contiguous ranges should always be able to return a reference to the backing store without an array copy. The immediate consequence is that you may not create sources that have a capacity larger than the maximum capacity of an array. If your size is greater than the maximum capacity of an array, prefer Immutable2DLongArraySource.