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Documentation enhancements for Deephaven v0.8.0

· One min read
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Margaret Kennedy

As we close out 2021, we completed a major update of the Deephaven Community Core documentation to reflect code changes introduced in the latest release. Current users will notice streamlined aggregation queries, new CSV import / export methods, changes to our date-time methods, and several Python-specific improvements. This paves the way for more code enhancements in the new year.

In addition:

  • We updated the Deephaven Community Core documentation with our new plotting tool that automatically renders charts in the docs as it tests the code.
  • We added video how-to guides on working with Parquet and Kafka, as well as a walkthrough of launching Deephaven with Docker.
  • We published part 2 of our Promethesus blog series, "Collecting one-time event data with Deephaven and Prometheus".
  • We expanded our crytocurrency content with a new article spotlighting Doge coin, "Crypto made easy".