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Working at Deephaven



Deephaven Data Labs is a leading-edge data software provider. The primary product is an end-to-end data platform used by customers involved directly with the capital markets – hedge funds, securities trading operations, and banks with direct market access.

Deephaven’s product is a Java application that runs on a variety of systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS clients; and Linux servers, cloud systems, and containers). Users interact with the product using Groovy, Python, Java, C++, R, C#, and SQL.

We are a small crew with big goals, and we are in the process of growing our core team. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and to influence the firm’s direction.

At Deephaven, we recognize that a dozen Salieris could never produce a Mozart masterpiece. Similarly, a dozen average developers could never produce the masterpiece of a top developer. We believe that a small team of elite developers is far better than an army of average developers. We only hire the best, and we reward accordingly.

Apply with resume, and any additional materials to [email protected].