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data tools

Query engine, APIs & user interfaces for modern real-time workloads.
Data System
Deephaven is an open-core* framework and query engine for working with streaming tables. Use dynamic data in tables with the same ease as static dataframes.
Deephaven high-level application diagram

Data Sources

Access and ingest data directly from popular, standard formats. For example, use a Kafka event stream alongside historical Parquet data.

Data Processing

Stream updating and real-time derived data to consumers. Connect JavaScript, Python, Java, and C++ clients and receive live updates or snapshots. Write to persistent stores. Build and share real-time visualizations and monitors. Explore massive and ticking datasets with built-in tools. Connect enterprise apps.

Data Consumers

Exhaust new streams or write to persistent stores, build and share real-time visualizations and monitors. Explore massive and ticking datasets with built in tools. Build enterprise apps.

Why Deephaven?

Streaming data
done right


Engineered to track table additions, removals, modifications, and shifts, users benefit from Deephaven’s highly-optimized, incremental-update model. A chunk-oriented architecture delivers best-of-class table methods and amortizes the cost of moving between languages.

Client-server interfaces are designed with large-scale, dense data in mind -- moving compute to the server and providing lazy updates.

Build, join, and publish streams with ease

Build streams on streams to empower applications and do analysis. Use table operations or marry them to custom and third-party libraries. Query and combine batch and real-time data.


New data and events seamlessly arrive as simple table updates. Queries establish an acyclic graph, with data logically flowing to downstream nodes. Simply name a source or derived table to make it available to clients via multi-language APIs. Use easy methods to stripe and pipeline workloads.

Familiar &
powerful tools

Leverage gRPC and Arrow. Use Jupyter, Visual Studio, JetBrains, or [soon] R Studio. Bring your custom or 3rd-party libraries and functions to the data for faster and well-integrated execution. Enjoy the data interrogation experiences of the Code Studio, with dynamic dashboards and an evolving suite of capabilities.

Expressive Language

Built for Developers, loved by Data Scientists

UI Tools

Open-source code studio for accelerated data exploration

Scale up

Enterprise Deployment

Deephaven Enterprise has been battle-tested inside the demanding environment of hedge funds, stock exchanges and banks. Its collection of enterprise-ready tools and exclusive add-ons helps your team scale up quickly and benefit from the mutualization of enhancement requests. Professional services are available if you’d like more hands on deck.

Batteries included data management

Data Management

Systems for ingesting, storing and disseminating data focus on throughput and efficiency. Utilities exist to support cleaning, validation, and transformation. Sophisticated control systems limit user or team access to source and derived data, by directory and table; as well as granularly by row or column key.

Scale across 1000s of cores, PBs of data, and TBs of streams

Query & Compute

The Deephaven Enterprise platform comprises the machinery, operations, and workflows to develop and support applications and analytics at scale -- real-time and otherwise. It is readily deployed on commoditized cloud or physical Linux resources using modern techniques. Ingest, storage, and compute scale independently.

Create and share applications and interactive dashboards quickly

UI & Tooling

Deephaven Enterprise has premiere experiences in Jupyter, Excel, R-Studio and classic IDE’s and its REPL, but it also includes a zero-time UX for launching, scheduling, and monitoring applications. These feed dependent enterprise apps and empower the quick configuration and sharing of real-time dashboards.


Integrates with familiar and powerful tools