One Solution: Deephaven

Fast. Easy. Integrated.

High-Performance DB

Real-world examples from our customers.
Less than 1 second per-thread time to join 100k trades on 1mm quotes.
Faster than 100 nanos amortized cell access time within a query process.
More than 100mm rows instantly displayable in any on-screen table.
Over 1000 cores scaled footprint at an actual active customer.

One solution for all your big data needs.

Data Management

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Query & Compute

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UI & Tooling

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Empower the whole team

Research + Risk Management = Data + Models.

“I want to build quick prototypes and deploy expensive research on the same platform.”
“I want to use Python and R, or integrate my C++, C# or Java models, and deploy ML or AI methods easily.”
“I want to move from simulation to production with very little effort.”
“I want to minimize the time I waste on repetitive, lower-skilled work.”
“I want to know my data is clean and available.”
“I need speed.”
Good data support is efficient, predictable and transparent — while being flexible.

“I want one system for both relational and time-series analyses – for real-time and historical data.”
“I want to import data from any source with minimum fuss.”
“I want to configure streaming or batch data sources once, and then just have them work from then on.”
“I want to have good tools for data cleaning and validation.”
“I want to observe, audit and troubleshoot all my ETL processes in one place, with good reporting.”
“I need reliability.”
Enhance my speed or get out of my way.

“I want to focus on business logic and building solutions, and not waste time shuffling data.”
“I want to deliver immediate value and customization to my users.”
“I want to iterate rapidly, with my IDE and data platform well integrated.”
“I want a flexible, fault-tolerant architecture that I can integrate with my trading system — or anything else.”
“I want tools to understand performance.”
“I need scalability.”
Vital contributors may not always be great developers. Everyone should be an army of one!

“I want to access data without waiting for a developer or a quant to help me.”
“I want an Excel-like workflow, but with thousands of tables of data and many billions of records.”
“I want to work directly with real-time and historical data, whether it be market ticks, proprietary data, or vendor stuff.”
“I want to analyze trading ideas, signals, execution and risk on both an ad-hoc and an ongoing basis.”
“I want to combine quants’ models with my own stuff to create monitors and apps as if I was a proper coder.”
“I need ease-of-use.”

The only data platform that combines

  • Peerless user experience
  • Rock solid time series methods
  • Lightning fast data handling
  • Python, Java, R, C++, C# support
  • Intrinsic data validation
  • Embedded access control system
  • Proprietary APIs and third-party integration support
  • On-premise or cloud-based containerized configurations

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