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· 4 min read
Amanda Martin

Pulling live and historical cryptocurrency data into Deephaven Community Core

It's hard to avoid the “crypto buzz” that is filling the news and discussion in the world these days. With the release of a powerful, real-time data engine like Deephaven Community, we figured you should know how to pull in both historical and live crypto data. You can navigate to our ready-to-go Docker container and look at our CryptoCurrency example and read along for more information.

· 13 min read
Nathaniel Bauernfeind

A devops dissection of Deephaven Community Core

Typically, when you start Deephaven, you would go through these steps, which use Docker and Docker Compose to set up a Deephaven server and its dependencies.

However, running inside of Docker is not the only way you can set up Deephaven. Today, I'm going to walk through the steps necessary to get a Deephaven Community Core server running on a fresh install of Linux.