Class AppendOnlyArrayBackedInputTable

All Implemented Interfaces:
TableOperations<Table,Table>, TableOperationsDefaults<Table,Table>, LogOutputAppendable, LivenessManager, LivenessNode, LivenessReferent, AttributeMap<Table>, GridAttributes<Table>, NotificationStepReceiver, NotificationStepSource, TableDefaults, Table, DynamicNode, NotificationQueue.Dependency, SystemicObject<Table>, LongSizedDataStructure, Serializable, Runnable

public class AppendOnlyArrayBackedInputTable extends UpdatableTable
An in-memory table that allows you to add rows as if it were an InputTable, which can be updated on the UGP.

The table is not keyed, all rows are added to the end of the table. Deletions and edits are not permitted.

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  • Method Details

    • make

      public static AppendOnlyArrayBackedInputTable make(@NotNull @NotNull TableDefinition definition)
      Create an empty AppendOnlyArrayBackedMutableTable with the given definition.
      definition - the definition of the new table.
      an empty AppendOnlyArrayBackedMutableTable with the given definition
    • make

      public static AppendOnlyArrayBackedInputTable make(Table initialTable)
      Create an AppendOnlyArrayBackedMutableTable with the given initial data.
      initialTable - the initial values to copy into the AppendOnlyArrayBackedMutableTable
      an empty AppendOnlyArrayBackedMutableTable with the given definition
    • processPendingTable

      protected void processPendingTable(Table table, UpdatableTable.RowSetChangeRecorder rowSetChangeRecorder)
    • processPendingDelete

      protected void processPendingDelete(Table table, UpdatableTable.RowSetChangeRecorder rowSetChangeRecorder)
    • getDefaultDescription

      protected String getDefaultDescription()
    • getKeyNames

      protected List<String> getKeyNames()
    • inputTable

      public InputTableUpdater inputTable()
    • readOnlyCopy

      public Table readOnlyCopy()
    • makeColumnSourceMap

      protected static Map<String,? extends WritableColumnSource<?>> makeColumnSourceMap(TableDefinition definition)
    • setDescription

      public io.deephaven.engine.table.impl.util.BaseArrayBackedInputTable setDescription(String newDescription)
    • run

      public void run()
      Specified by:
      run in interface Runnable
      run in class UpdatableTable