This module supports ingesting data from external databases (relational and other types) into Deephaven via the Python DB-API 2.0 (PEP 249) and the Apache Arrow Database Connectivity (ADBC) interfaces. (Please refer to for more details on ADBC).

ADBC defines a standard API to fetch data in Arrow format from databases that support Arrow natively as well as from databases that only support ODBC/JDBC. By relying on ADBC, Deephaven is able to ingest data efficiently from a wide variety of data sources.


Converts the result set of the provided cursor into a Deephaven table.


cursor (adbc_driver_manager.dbapi.Cursor) – an ADBC DB-API cursor. Prior to it being passed in, its execute() method must be called to run a query operation that produces an Arrow table

Return type:



a new Table


DHError, TypeError