This module implements the Font class that can be used to set the fonts on a plot.

class Font(family='Arial', style=<FontStyle.PLAIN: io.deephaven.plot.Font$FontStyle(objectRef=0x4446000)>, size=8)[source]

Bases: deephaven._wrapper.JObjectWrapper

A specific font, defined in terms of family, style, and size.


alias of io.deephaven.plot.Font

class FontStyle(value)[source]

Bases: enum.Enum

An enum of predefined font styles.

BOLD = io.deephaven.plot.Font$FontStyle(objectRef=0x4446008)

Bold text

BOLD_ITALIC = io.deephaven.plot.Font$FontStyle(objectRef=0x4446018)

Bold and italic text

ITALIC = io.deephaven.plot.Font$FontStyle(objectRef=0x4446010)

Italic text

PLAIN = io.deephaven.plot.Font$FontStyle(objectRef=0x4446000)

Plain text.


A list of supported font family names.