This module defines a custom exception for the Deephaven Python Integration Package.

The custom exception is named DHError. It encapsulates exceptions thrown by the Deephaven engine and the Python/Java integration layer and provides 3 convenient properties: root_cause, compact_traceback, and traceback for easy debugging.

exception DHError(cause=None, message='')[source]

Bases: Exception

The custom exception class for the Deephaven Python package.

This exception can be raised due to user errors or system errors when Deephaven resources and functions are accessed, for example, during reading a CSV/Parquet file into a Deephaven table or performing an aggregation or join operation on Deephaven tables. It is a good practice for Python code to catch this exception and handle it appropriately.

property compact_traceback

The compact traceback of the exception.

property root_cause

The root cause of the exception.

property traceback

The traceback of the exception.


Exception.with_traceback(tb) – set self.__traceback__ to tb and return self.