class Callback[source]#

Bases: ABC

An instance of Callback will be passed to Registration.register_into, to allow any number of plugins to be registered.

abstract register(plugin)[source]#

Registers a given plugin type for use in the Deephaven server. Should be called from from a Registration’s register_into method, so that it is available when the server expects it. :type plugin: Union[Plugin, Type[Plugin]] :param plugin: the plugin or plugin type to register on the server :rtype: None :return:

class Plugin[source]#

Bases: ABC

class Registration[source]#

Bases: ABC

Registration types should be set as the registration_cls for deephaven.plugin entrypoints for their package to ensure that they are all run on server startup.

abstract classmethod register_into(callback)[source]#

Implement this method and reference this Registration type from the package’s entrypoint to ensure that any provided plugins are available at server startup. Invoke callback.register() once for each provided plugin. :type callback: Callback :param callback: invoke this once per plugin to register them for use in the server. :rtype: None :return:


Entrypoint for the console script deephaven-plugin-list-plugins


Entrypoint for the console script deephaven-plugin-list-registrations