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Release notes for Deephaven version 0.30.0

· 2 min read
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Deephaven turns 30! Well, sort of. We've released Community Core version 0.30.0, which brings forth new features to both server- and client-side APIs, improved performance, bug fixes, and upgrades that make it easier to use than ever before.

Upgrades and performance improvements


Just a few weeks ago, the release of Community Core version 29 included a slew of improvements to our Parquet library, including:

  • Support for the LZ4_RAW compression codec.
  • Better performance.
  • Better and easier-to-understand error handling.

In just a short time, there have been yet more improvements to Deephaven's Parquet integration:

  • Proper handling and conversion of Parquet and Deephaven date and time data types when reading and writing Parquet files.
  • Even more performance improvements.

Java client

The Java client now has support for asynchronous and stateless operations. An explicit opt-in for stateful Java client executions has been added. The default behavior of the client is now more consistent with how other clients operate. This is a breaking change to the Java client API, so users should test their code to see if they were previously relying on stateful executions.


Column statistics

Want to know more about the columns in your tables without actually writing a query? As of 0.30.0, simply hover your mouse over a column to show you statistics. These statistics will update in lock-step with your data if it's ticking.


Quality of life improvements

Bug fixes

Just like every other release, Deephaven fixed a number of bugs reported both by Deephaven's developers and users. We continue to be impressed with the applications our users develop, as well as their attention to detail.

API documentation

Our API documentation is built directly from the code base itself. We've made a concerted effort over the previous several months to improve the formatting and clarity of both our API-level Javadocs and Pydocs.

Let's connect

Our user guide documentation can help you in your query writing endeavors. Join us on Slack, where we're happy to help you make the most out of Deephaven. Our community continues to grow!