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Documentation enhancements for Deephaven v0.15.0

· 2 min read
DALL·E prompt: A robot sitting on a bench reading a book, Film still from La La Land (2016)
Margaret Kennedy
Introducing our GO API and supporting documentation

We introduced you to our interns last month, and they've been exceptionally busy now that they're seasoned Deephaven users. Of note, Carson's client API for Go programmers is ready to use and Jeremiah and Stacy spin up cool AI/ML examples to try. We'll showcase some of the blog write-ups related to their projects below.

It's Go time

We're expanding the programming languages that you can use with Deephaven, recently adding Go to that. Why Go? What is it good for? Carson gives you some insight here.

Data science spring training

Paul and Joshua continue to try and "Beat the Streak", using data science to accomplish what no competitor has achieved thus far. They detail their game plan here.

Real-time AI

In a two-part series, Jeremiah points his webcam at the Avengers to simulate how to perform face recognition in real-time. Identifying movie characters and the relationships between them is only a fun example, but the principles here can be applied to more meaningful use cases:

Stacy lays the foundation for using an LSTM network to predict epileptic seizures in real-time!

Analyzing the market like a pro

Josh cuts his teeth on real-time data by investigating the correlation between Bitcoin and stock prices. Check out his findings here.

Tired of Docker?

Our users requested a way to build and launch Deephaven without Docker. We delivered with Deephaven as a Python library. Now you can use Deephaven with a single pip install command. Learn more here.

Tune in

This month our developers have been previewing exciting features like integration with Jupyter notebooks. Look out for developer demos weekly to see how Deephaven Community Core continually evolves.