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Documentation enhancements for Deephaven Community

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Margaret Kennedy
Comprehensive reference documentation

Deephaven Community's API continues to grow, with the significant additions of table operations like update_by, full_outer_join, left_outer_join, read_sql, and more. In addition to documenting our new methods, we've updated our reference documentation with fuller parameter tables and more syntax variations.

Read on for a summary of our latest docs updates.


We've added more guides to support new features:


The latest concept guide discusses the relationship between Python and Java in Deephaven Python queries and it how it affects query efficiency. See the Python-Java boundary.


Deephaven's blog announces new features and offers up tips and tricks for using Deephaven. Check out:


Keep tuning in to YouTube for videos highlighting the new features in each release as well as our developer's weekly previews of features in progress. Of note, Pandas 2.0 comes to Community!

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