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Version: Java (Groovy)

Learn Deephaven

Deephaven Community Core is a real-time, time-series, column-oriented query engine with relational database features. Read the overview for a more detailed introduction.

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How-to guides

135 articles

Step-by-step guides to help you achieve a specific goal. Most useful when you're trying to get something done for the first time.

Conceptual guides

20 articles

Clear explanations of core concepts to improve your fundamental understanding of Deephaven building blocks. Most useful for gaining mastery of a topic.

Reference guides

308 articles

Technical descriptions of how Deephaven works, with examples. Most useful when you need detailed information about a specfic Deephaven API. For those needing deeper technical documentation, you can also refer to our API documentation generated from source.

Cheat sheets

9 articles

Short snippets and example queries. Most useful to keep open in a browser tab while first learning to write queries.