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Version: Python


The one_click method creates a SelectableDataSet with the specified columns from a source table. This is useful for dynamic plotting, where Deephaven requires a SelectableDataSet instead of a standard table to execute certain operations.


one_click(t: Table, by: list[str] = None, require_all_filters: bool = False) -> SelectableDataSet



The source table.

by optionallist[str]

The selected columns.

require_all_filters optionalbool

Whether to display data when some, but not all, input filters are applied.

  • False (default) will display data when not all filters are applied.
  • True will only display data when appropriate filters are applied.


A SelectableDataSet.


In this example, we create a source table, then use one_click to create a SelectableDataSet copy of the table. Then, we use plot_xy to turn our SelectableDataSet into a plot, which can then be filtered via Controls > Input Filter in the user interface.

from deephaven import read_csv
from deephaven.plot.selectable_dataset import one_click
from deephaven.plot.figure import Figure

source = read_csv(
oc = one_click(t=source, by=["Instrument"])
plot = Figure().plot_xy(series_name="Plot", t=oc, x="Timestamp", y="Price").show()