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Version: Python

How to enable anonymous authentication

This guide will show you how to disable authentication for Deephaven run from Docker. This is also known as anonymous authentication. Anonymous authentication allows anyone to connect to a Deephaven instance if they can reach it.


Anonymous authentication provides no application security.

Deephaven run from Docker

Docker compose

To enable anonymous authentication, the AuthHandlers property must be set to io.deephaven.auth.AnonymousAuthenticationHandler by appending -DAuthHandlers=io.deephaven.auth.AnonymousAuthenticationHandler to the START_OPTS environment variable:

version: '3.4'

- '${DEEPHAVEN_PORT:-10000}:10000'
- ./data:/data
- START_OPTS=-Xmx4g -DAuthHandlers=io.deephaven.auth.AnonymousAuthenticationHandler

The Docker logs will show the following message when anonymous authentication is enabled.


pip-installed Deephaven

Anonymous authentication can be used with a Deephaven server run from Python by specifying an additional JVM argument in the server constructor. The following Python code starts a server on port 10000 with anonymous authentication enabled. If you connect to the IDE via your web browser, you will not be prompted for a password.

from deephaven_server import Server

s = Server(jvm_args=["-DAuthHandlers=io.deephaven.auth.AnonymousAuthenticationHandler"]).start()