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Version: Python


meta_table is an attribute that can be used to create a new table containing metadata about a source table's columns.




meta_table does not take any arguments.


A table containing the metadata about the source table's columns.


The following example first creates a table of weather data for Miama over three dates in January, then averages the high and low temperatures by day. Finally, the query creates a table of metadata, which shows the that the Temp column becomes a double column.

from deephaven import new_table

from deephaven.column import string_col, int_col

source = new_table(
string_col("Day", ["Jan 1", "Jan 1", "Jan 2", "Jan 2", "Jan 3", "Jan 3"]),
int_col("Temp", [45, 62, 48, 63, 39, 59]),

result = source.avg_by(by=["Day"])

meta = result.meta_table