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Version: Python

How to create a markdown widget

This guide shows you how to add a Markdown Widget to your workspace in the Deephaven IDE.

The Markdown Widget is a useful tool for including text or images alongside your data. These notes can include references to the queries running in a layout, code snippets/explanations, instructions/comments, messages to other users, contact info, etc.

To create a Markdown Widget, use the Controls menu:



Once the widget opens, you can edit its content by double-clicking in the panel:

Content contained in the widget can be styled using the Markdown syntax. Examples of this syntax follows:

# Heading 1 Text
## Heading 2 Text
### Heading 3 Text
This is **bold text**
This is *italic text*
> This is a block quote
This is `inline code`
![Test image](Image URL)
<img src="url" width="e.g., 250">

Markdown syntax

Additional styling options are available in Markdown, including code blocks, tables, links, lists, horizontal lines, etc.


To learn more, please refer to [].

Manage Markdown Widgets

When you close a Markdown Widget, it will be automatically saved.

To reopen a widget, select Markdown Widget from the Controls menu, then click its name from the Recently Closed list:


To delete a widget, hover your cursor over the name of a widget to reveal the trash can icon.