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Version: Python

Create a Deephaven configuration file

The Deephaven configuration file is a property file that enables the user to configure different aspects of the Deephaven server.

By default, the Deephaven server sources an internal dh-defaults.prop file if no explicit configuration file is provided.

The recommended approach to providing a configuration file is to create and populate the file <configDir>/deephaven.prop1. See config directory for more details on <configDir>.

It is recommended that configuration files extend from dh-defaults.prop through the use of the includefiles configuration property:


# An example to change the cycle time from the default of 1 second to 250 milliseconds

Configuration properties that come later in the configuration file document will override configuration properties from earlier in the document.

Configuration files inherit system properties, but the converse is not true: you are not able to set system properties, nor JVM arguments, with the configuration file. See the native application script for details on setting system properties or JVM arguments.

  1. The user can also set the configuration file with the system property Configuration.rootFile, but the preferred approach is to use <configDir>/deephaven.prop.