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Version: Python

Configure the Deephaven console service

The console service is a gRPC service that provides the ability to execute code and get autocompletion results (see console.proto for more details).


  • deephaven.console.disable: may be set to false to disable console-based code execution.
  • deephaven.console.autocomplete.disable: may be set to false to disable autocomplete, both for Groovy and Python.

See the configuration file guide for more details on where to set these configuration properties.


Deephaven uses jedi for the console autocompletion service currently used by the web UI.

To disable jedi autocomplete at runtime, the following script can be run:

from deephaven_internal.auto_completer import jedi_settings, Mode

jedi_settings.mode = Mode.OFF

Valid options for mode are one of:

  • STRONG: (default) Looks in the user's globals() for answers to autocomplete and analyzes runtime Python objects.
  • OFF: Turns off autocomplete.
  • SAFE: Uses static analysis of source files. No code can be executed.